• There are several extruder screen packs with aluminum framed edges and spot welded edges on the white background.
  • There are various cylindrical extruder screens with different sizes and shapes on the white background.
  • Three extruder screen packs with spot welded edges in different shapes on the white background.
  • Stainless steel extruder screen made in different sizes and shapes on the white background.

Extruder Screen for Melt Filtration and Extrusion Process

As the specialist in extruder screen industry, Boegger is always engaged in manufacturing and supplying a distinguished range of extruder screens, which are made of the best grade anti-corrosive raw materials - galvanized wire stainless steel wire, and nickel alloy wire. Besides, we always apply the innovative technology in production process. So the extruder screens offered by us can hold up to extreme environments and uses.

Various extruder screens spread on the black background.

Extruder screen is an important part in the melt filtration and extrusion process. It can efficiently keep out the foreign particles in mixing in finally plastic and rubber extrusion process and provide a clean and clear extrusion. Because we use the high quality non-toxic raw materials, our extruder also can be used in the food and beverage industry.

Various kinds of extruder screens are available:

  • Material: stainless steel wire mesh, galvanized wire mesh, nickel alloy, brass wire mesh.
  • Layer: single layer or multilayer.
  • Shape: circle, disc, square, oval, rectangular, kidney, cones and other special shapes.
  • Extruder screen belt.
  • Extruder screen disc.
  • Cylindrical extruder screen.
  • Extruder screen packs with spot welded and with or without aluminum frame.

All the various kinds of extruder screen discs, extruder screen belts and extruder screen packs are made of high quality raw materials. So ensure each customer can receive the good quality products.

Advantages of Boegger


With over 10 years experience in wire mesh production and export to over 20 countries and regions, including America, Europe, India and Russia, Boegger is a real professional extruder screen manufacturer.

Strict Production

All the extruder screen products are produced by the automatic machines, which can ensure the accuracy. Besides, the professional workers can cut production loss, shorten production time, and improve production efficiency.

Products Quality

The quality is the key to keep the factory to develop persistently. All our extruder screens products adopt the international advanced production technology and quality raw materials. Each pieces of extruder screen has the Inspection Certificate.


Our professional service team can provide the suitable programs according to customers' requirement. Thus customers can choose the best and most appropriate extruder screens from our factory.

Delivery Time

Delivering on time is of great significance for every customer. We will make the exact production schedules. Ensure the high efficiency production, at the same time ensure the quality of extruder screen.


We have the special service team. They can communicate with you in English or other languages fluently. So do not worry if you have difficulties. We can help you!

Hot Products

Extruder screen with reliable extrusion and filtration capacity for extrusion in plastic, rubber, metallurgy industries, and filtering gas and liquid.

Stainless steel extruder screen with dutch weave, is used for melt filtration and extrusion process in plastic, rubber, PVC film, and food industry.

Extruder screen pack is durable and rigid, useful in fine extrusion process for prevention impurities, also useful for water treatment plant.

Cylindrical extruder screen is widely applied in extrusion or filtration process in petrochemical, pharmaceutical rubber and plastic industries.

- Johnny, Candda

Great filter disc

I order their 3” round air filter discs with metal material to be used in an outdoor application. Using the mesh discs makes air to flow as freely as possible while providing filtration. The discs fits perfectly our air filter. Best price too!

- Jose, Dubai

Exactly what I needed!

We are one of the leading manufacturers of water taps. We ordered SS Stainless steel mesh screen in 10mm dia (round). This is the purpose of filtering the water. While, functioning mud, sand, etc. Meanwhile ensuring free flow of the water. I was so pleased with this purchase.

- Reza, Malaysia

Excellent Recommendation

I'm a process engineer for a extrusion department, we manufacture medical tubing using FPVC. Using an incorrect quantity and type of extruder screen mesh, our extruder was presenting high pressures. Their sales experts recomend me the right mesh, which keep the RPM consistently and keep the pressure down. I found that it did the best job in my opinion.