Extruder Screen Packs, Belts, and Discs

Extruder screen with reliable extrusion and filtration capacity for extrusion in plastic, rubber, metallurgy industries, and filtering gas and liquid.

Stainless steel extruder screen with dutch weave, is used for melt filtration and extrusion process in plastic, rubber, PVC film, and food industry.

Extruder screen pack is durable and rigid, useful in fine extrusion process for prevention impurities, also useful for water treatment plant.

Cylindrical extruder screen is widely applied in extrusion or filtration process in petrochemical, pharmaceutical rubber and plastic industries.

Extruder screen discs with various shapes, are mainly used for extremely thin and fine extrusion process in rubber and plastic production.

With high filtration precision, pleated filter can filter water, gas, foods and beverage, can sieve solid particles and polyester and purify the ocean.

Extruder screen belts from ss 302, 304, 316, 316L, are used for belt style continuous screen changers in fine filtration and extrusion process.

Dutch weave stainless steel wire cloth is widely used for extruder screen in plastic extrusion process or used for air filter in cars and trucks.